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CoinSafe is a company specialized in mining the most famous crypto that are  circulating on the market using advanced technologies and proprietary software to ensure the maximum performance of production



The word mining derives from the English "to mine" which means to extract, and represents the process of sharing the computing power of the hardware in the network.

Mining is therefore the process that leads to the addition of new blocks to the blockchain.

To put it briefly, mining is an essential activity for a blockchain. It allows you to create new blocks, to certify (or validate) transactions, at the same time, making the network highly secure.

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Zero thoughts ... 100% Mining!

Choose the power you want to rent and start your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies.
Mining has never been  so 
easyfast and secure

Our team will take care of all the work that is needed in the management of your farm.

For example: software and hardware upgrades, rig cooling,   making sure that your rig is performing at the best !

The following offers  are related   to cloud mining. They indicate the price of a  portion of the rig which corresponds to 1/20 of  a rig.

To  purchase one of the three offers, continue on the appropriate platform app.coinsafe.itregister, check the profile and add the desired machine portions.


Based on the portion of the rig  purchased, you will gain an increase

from 7% to 13%  

of the purchase value. Termination will then be given by the attainment of the value of the ETH mined compared to the purchase, according to the percentages indicated.

Rig portion of 30 Mh / s

€ 500+ VAT

price referred to a rig portion which corresponds to 1/20


Mining service

30 Mh / s

36 months

€ 500+ VAT

price referred to a rig  portion which corresponds to 1/20

The compound offer is like the basic, except that the first 12 months, your mined earnings will automatically be reinvested in computing power, resulting in a much better performing rig that will produce fo the following 24 months.

30 Mh / s  rig portion for 36 months of service,

€ 500+ VAT

price referred to a rig  portion which corresponds to 1/20



We design and develop farms for our business customers who want to start mining or who want to upgrade their farm.

Our all-inclusive package includes a customised project according to individual needs and a custom built  set-up, all managed remotely in a professional and efficient way to keep performance at the highest level.

Contact for your personalized quote.

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