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CS-T8 was created to optimize the thermal dissipation e optimize the space occupied from the system. The increasing distance between the GPUs and the vertical positioning allow you to manage, in a small space, a large amount of power, making it easy to manage your Farm.


Product features:

Up to 8 GPUs

- 2 PSU

- 1 SSD


- 4 14cm FAN

Included accessories:

- Switch for ignition

- Handle for easy transport

- Mounting screws

- FAN door hinge


Door hinge FAN

System to simplify the maintenance of the CS-T8 rig thanks to the possibility of accessing the GPU screw section with the FAN opening system. Support for 4 14cm FAN.

CS-T8 3D

€200.00 Regular Price
€160.00Sale Price
Color: Gray


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